The project Smart Cities in the Global South: Contributing to Cosmopolitan Urban Studies has been running now for a couple of months at Malmö University so this blog and website are way overdue. Welcome!

It has been a challenge to launch a research project in the middle of a global pandemic given the stress and uncertainty caused by these difficult times. However, as successful vaccination campaigns in Sweden and Mexico move forward it seems like several components of this project can finally start to happen.

Before getting things going, I would like to thank Camila Freitas and Natalia Sandoval Quezada, two incredible graduates from Malmö University’s Master’s in Urban Studies who worked as interns during the early stages of this project. Camila (who is now a doctoral student at Lund University), put together a literature review that has helped me explore new contributions from the field of critical smart urbanism. Natalia, a talented architect, was instrumental in putting together earlier versions of this website. My final thanks go to Indra Fonseca Alfaro who did an amazing job designing the site and developing the section in Spanish.

More information and resources will be added little by little so I hope this site provides a window into understanding the complex phenomena of smart cities within the Mexican context!

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